Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Latin Homeschool books we like

I knew when we decided to homeschool that I wanted to have Latin as a part of it. I reviewed several curriculae, and this are the books I found most useful - and fun! So much of our English Language comes from Latin, and so much of the roman History has influenced our culture.

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers

This "I am Reading Latin " set comes with 4 books, and a CD to help with pronunciation. They cover names of animals, numbers, colors, food and names of family members. Each book also has English derivatives of the Latin words. Jake was in first grade when we started these.

There is a second set of four books from the same company: Octavius Octopus, Rena Rhinocerous, Taurus Rex, and Ursus et Porcus, that have a few more words and more grammar.

These books are very good beginner books, and enjoyable for many ages.

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  1. "Latin" my goodness. You don't know what an ancient flash back I just had. I dropped the subject after Grade 10 at the encouragement of my teacher. Congratulations on home school studies. I am a big supporter of this!