Sunday, September 6, 2009

Latin Books For Kids: Minimus

After we finished the "I am reading latin" series, We started On Minimus: Starting out in Latin

Minimus is a fun little guy! He lives in a house with a Roman Britain family and their cat Vibrissa. The storylines are fun, simple enough to keep the student's interest, yet provide a good challenge and introduces simple grammar rules.

There is a pupil's book, a Teacher Resource Book, and an Audio CD to help with pronunciation. The recommendation for age is 7 and up.

I also like that there is a website for Website for Minimus complete with games, activities, and a multitude of resources. Minimus really does make Latin cool!

We used Minimus for 3rd grade. The story starts out with a a cartoon that is easy to translate, and the story is cute. There are Vocabulary lists for each lesson and various snippets of Roman History and culture throughout the book.

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